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  1. hope to find a new version of this since it is kodi 17. I have been fighting with myself with pastebin to get channel for US and Canada that work. Got them then install – it was great then 30 seconds later they turn off. I use VLC to check them and they are great for 30 seconds. What do I do.

    I love what you have shown me hope to see more soon

  2. i have a question for you i have a website of streams and what i want to do is convert them into a m3u8 file so that i can stream them on my kodi is there a way i can do that

  3. Greetings xbmc helper

    I am in a pickle with my android box. Each time I try to follow steps with usually no problems, reboot come back and low and behold my simple client is disabled. Enable again, reboot disabled again over and over. Have Kodi 15.2 installed.

    Thanks for any help with this issue.

  4. Hello! I typed in everything correctly, the channels seem loaded but the 'Live TV' option is not available on my home screen. I tried with another pastbin list from another youtuber and it showed up but only some channels work. I'm using FireStick Tv. What did i do wrong? all i want to watch is the sport channels and NFL games. Thanks!!

  5. Please understand that if a group of playlist are in Spanish and you speak English then look a little bit farther because if it is posted from four months ago maybe in the last four months I've posted English ones so please look farther than the one video you are watching and assume instantly that I have more tutorial videos and some of them may be newer than others. While I love to help people I cannot do all of the work for you because I'm overwhelmed with just the load I have

  6. I would come in directly to certain people's comments but you have a certain setting turned off that's connected to both Google plus and YouTube that prevents people that either don't follow you or you don't follow from commenting or responding

  7. Aloha OneTechGenius,

    Mahalo for your tut, it was super easy to follow! We are new to the game, just purchased an ONVO 4k Android TV Box, tried to setup our LiveTV capabilities using your tutorial (and another created in 2014) with no success.  During the step at  6:20 in the vid, I select ok and am returned to the original page rather than forwarded to the disabled list.  Tried several times, instead I reset the PVR database and went thru the process about 3x (incl reset due to the former page issue reoccuring) w/ both my pastebin: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=habW40Pp.  No luck or LiveTV link on the mainpage.  Also followed step @ 8:30.  Canʻt seem to figure out where I went wrong.  Can you please help? Or could you tell me where I can find a company troubleshoot hotline?  We appreciate your feedback!!!

  8. What do you have for the xmltv URL? I have been trying this all day and watched several videos and still can't make it work. I've used other lists, created my own like you showed and I still can't even get the live TV function to show on the main screen.

  9. hacker got computer control by internet after I installed one if this Shiites, I can't use my computer anymore, they took my personal information and they are blocking most applications and commands the screen appearance is different too, I can't run any antivirus, I tried 5 different but I couldn't. be careful. Defender and removal tool doesn't work They installed a console. Is my fault but ones again, be careful.

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